What our participants say about the conference


To be able to join the first Hellenic Conference at Herceg Novi is an unforgettable experience for me. Thanks for such a good arrangements for exchanging ideas against the beautiful landscape of Herceg Novi. I hope to meet again in future and create intellectual environment so that new ideas find space to spread their wings.

Prof. Debika Saha, Department of Philosophy, University of North Bengal, India


This was an excellent conference, with closely-knit and very interesting contributions and discussions, moreover held in a splendid place. We look forward to the proceedings and to future conferences organized by the Center for Hellenic Studies!

Prof. Ilaria Ramelli, Durham Centre for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Durham University, UK


My experience of the conference was absolutely great. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new colleagues, have discussions and fruitful exchanges of ideas in an extremely friendly environment, being surrounded at the same time by the magical atmosphere of Herceg Novi.

Prof. Elena Irrera, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy


International academics had a unique opportunity to participate in the largest, all-encompassing regional conference on the topic of Hellenic political thought and contemporary Europe. What determined the true character of this gathering was interdisciplinary and open-minded approach. Central theme was well positioned and able to provide the correct format for many diverging ideas. Regional students were provided with unique opportunity to communicate with the leading global researchers in the field of humanities. Unique character of this conference is a pathway for the future, and an ideal worth maintaining. The first conference of the Center for Hellenic Studies positioned Herceg Novi as an unexpected regional capital of political philosophy and humanities. City itself proved to be overwhelming in its beauty and elegance. On the other hand, the impeccable organization of the event provided city of Herceg Novi with international and academic prestige which, as we have witnessed, has a great potential of growth in the future. We were humbled by this effort, and we hope to create an echo which will travel wide and far.

Aljoša Krajišnik, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia


Within this restraint space and time we came together, scholars of many different countries, of various scientific specializations, to present original ideas on numerous aspects of the main subject: the relation of the Hellenic political thought to our contemporary society, and to participate in a constructive rational dialogue, in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by a natural and cultural setting of high aesthetic and historic quality. I wish we return safely to our homes, taking with us what I may call “the spirit of Herceg Novi” and transmitting it to our respective environments, as conscious and conscientious citizens of a world that we all wish and can make a little better every day.

Dr. Aikaterini Lefka, Department of Philosophy, University of Liège, Belgium


I wish to congratulate the convenors for the excellent organization of the conference, and the good quality of research papers that were presented by highly motivated scholars in the beautiful natural setting of Herceg Novi. I hope that our contribution to the conference will soon blossom into a beautiful flower unfolding the petals of the Hellenic spirit.

Dr. Ion Soteropoulos, Apeiron Center Paris, France


The Conference was a very enjoyable event, excellent and professionally organized. Herceg Novi is also a very nice place.

Borislav Mihačević, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


As far as the Conference is concerned, I was impressed by the high quality of the presentations and the well-organized panels. The speakers convincingly presented their theses and the audience put questions to them that made the subsequent conversation interesting. I also think that the venue greatly contributed to the success of the Conference. From a ‘Greek perspective’, as questioning on the future of Hellenic Studies is quite widespread in my country, it was refreshing to see academics literally from all over the world to gather in Montenegro and discuss issues connected with different aspects of Hellenic civilization. Regarding Herceg Novi the scenery greatly resembles that of Greek islands. But I was more impressed by the mountains, which surround Herceg Novi, as they reminded me my home town of Veria in the northern part of Greece. I hope to be able to attend the next Conference and visit Herceg Novi with my family.

Dr. Pandeleimon Hionidis, Department of Humanities, Hellenic Open University, Greece


The arrangements during the week were very kind and punctual apart from the high level of the talks I attended. The multilayered historical structure and the architecture of the town were quite impressive as well.

Prof. Türker Armaner, Department of Philosophy, Galatasaray University, Turkey


The conference organized by the Center for Hellenic Studies and Dr. Ivanovic was not only interesting but also very inspiring. It is particularly worth appreciating that the organizers managed to gather a group of academics from various countries and research centers, which was an additional advantage especially for researchers interested in the modern reception of classical Greek philosophy allowing for comparison of perspectives. The friendly atmosphere of the conference favoured in-depth conversations during both the panels and social events. The choice of the place deserves a separate word of recognition: the beautiful and hospitable city of Herceg Novi on the Bay of Kotor – I must admit that after returning to Poland I have already started planning a vacation trip to Herceg Novi with a group of friends.

Dr. Jan Molina, Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw, Poland


The conference was an important experience of mine because of many things. Firstly, there were the leading experts in various fields of the Humanities, and I was happy to get acquainted with those who consider the adjacent topics of research and share ideas with them. Secondly, the very venue was perfectly chosen – to spend a week in Herceg Novi is really a perfect idea to turn one’s mind to a different aspect of the issue one considers, and it became a kind of metanoia to feel myself not only within the microcosm of scholars, but also in macrocosm of splendid environment and very beautiful town of Herceg Novi. Thus, thirdly, I appreciate indeed the Committee (and the authorities of Herceg Novi as well), who have organized everything perfectly and there was not a single moment when I felt lost or forgotten. I am looking forward to visiting this magnificent event once again and stay in touch with those with whom we have shared our experience.

Dr. Alexander Lvov, Department of Philosophical Anthropology, St. Petersburg State University, Russia


As a participant of the First International Conference of Hellenic Studies held in the city of Herceg Novi from 29 September to 4 October, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the president of the Organizing committee and other colleagues for the organization of this special event. The conference brought together scholars and specialists in the humanities and the social sciences (ancient philosophy, political theory etc.) from various countries all over the world with the main objective of discussing the relation between Hellenic political philosophy and contemporary Europe. It was an immediate feeling for me that the conference is a high-level international event and it serves as an ideal platform for young researchers to present their work and receive feedback, since I was able to meet and discuss with fellow researchers and experienced scholars. Besides, it is worth mentioning that the city of Herzeg Novi is of exceptional beauty. The guided tour to the old city, which was kindly organized by the auhtorities of Herceg Novi, gave us the opportunity to learn a lot about the rich political and cultural history of Montenegro and of the city of Herceg Novi. Special thanks is due for giving us the opportunity to attend this special event! It was a great experience! I am looking forward to meeting colleagues next year.

Dr. Spyridon Kaltsas, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens, Greece


The Conference brought together young scholars and arrived savants in a most pleasant environment that greatly took part to deep and successful discussions of timeless problems of politics and ethics. Coming from the field of Ancient Greek law (not philosophy) I would comment that the practice of Athenian direct democracy of the 5th and 4th century BC is not a convenient pattern for solving the political problems of contemporal Europe, not even that of the member states. It turned out that, on the contrary, the philosophers of that period are still up-to-date to contribute to the relations between individual and state. However, Roman political philosophy emphasised the private sphere and gave no hint to political activity, whereas the Roman politicians in practice were able to create a ‚Commonwealth’ and keep it for centuries. I think, like in our earlier modern history, one should learn again the „Staatskunst” (statecraft) of the Romans. Partly it depended on the highest possible education of the youth, education in Greek philosophy too.

Prof. Gerhard Thür, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria